Pink lemonade bars


Buffalo Wings

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  • Tried the honey hot wings version and it’s way too sweet and non-spicy for me despite adding a lot more hot wings sauce. Will go for the traditional hot wings next time.

Matcha Opera Cake

Matcha opera cake

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With changes:

  • I used a matcha syrup instead of lemon syrup
    • 100ml hot water, 20g sugar, 1 tsp matcha powder
  • For the chocolate glaze, I used 95g of bitter chocolate chips and 30g of oil. This was a bit too liquid so I might use less oil next time


  • The chocolate taste was overpowering and the cake did not taste much like matcha despite me changing the lemon syrup to a matcha syrup
  • I will try a matcha buttercream and matcha white chocolate glaze next time