Sourdough sandwich loaf

My first (relatively) successful sourdough bread after a number of failed attempts. I've learned that it is really important to hand knead (to avoid over kneading with machine), do the poke test to check proofing, and to shape the dough properly. Also, score the bread with a very sharp knife at an angle. Wetting the … Continue reading Sourdough sandwich loaf

Sourdough foccacia

I've been experimenting more with sourdough and this is definitely one of the best sourdough foccacia I've had. It's really soft and stayed moist for several days. I can probably cut down a little on the oil next time though. Makes one 13 x 9 x 1.5 inch foccacia Combine to form sponge 1-1/2 cups … Continue reading Sourdough foccacia


See recipe from:¬† Some changes: I used pork instead of beef, but will try beef in the future. I marinated the pork in soy sauce, sugar, salt, pepper, oyster sauce, chinese sherry, garlic salt and sesame oil for 12hours. I omitted peppers and spinach. Used oyster mushrooms instead of white mushrooms, but I think white … Continue reading Japchae

Chicken soup

Ingredients Chicken pieces (I used thigh fillet pieces) Olive oil Celery, diced Onions, diced Carrots, diced Parsnips, diced Salt, pepper, cayenne pepper Rosemary (fresh or dried) Cumin Chilli flakes (optional) All spice, bay leaves (optional) Water Chicken stock cubes Procedures Lightly fry chicken with oil, celery, onions, celery, carrots and parsnips Add salt, pepper and … Continue reading Chicken soup