Tropical mango custard tart

I baked this in a 8-inch tart pan with excess dough and custard, so it will probably fit nicely in a 9-inch pan. Ingredients For sweet tart pastry, see this post 1 egg yolk 6 large eggs at room temperature zest 1 orange zest of 2 limes 2 mangos 135g sugar 120ml heavy cream 1 … Continue reading Tropical mango custard tart

Cantonese egg tarts

Ingredients of crust: 225 gm plain flour 125 gm butter 55 gm icing sugar 1 egg, whisked a dash vanilla extract Ingredients of custard:: 3 eggs 110 gm caster sugar 225 gm hot water 85 gm evaporated milk 1/2 tsp vanilla extract Method (making crust): Place butter at room temperature until softened. Cream the butter … Continue reading Cantonese egg tarts